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The Academy of Fitness (the Academy) is the leading provider of health and fitness courses throughout Australia and offers a variety of training options which are tailored to suit your individual needs.

The Academy of Fitness registered as an RTO in 2001 and commenced delivery of fitness qualifications the same year aiming to deliver only the best in Fitness and Personal Training Courses. We consider ourselves veterans of the fitness education business and the secret to our success is the invaluable lessons learnt from our 7000 graduates. The student is the heart and soul of our focus. You don’t get to be the best in the industry for 16+ years with courses that don’t walk the talk.

When looking for a provider to study your fitness qualifications through you should ask how long they have been in operation and to prove it.

The Academy of Fitness delivers nationally and internationally with our of qualifications sought after by people wanting to get the best possible fitness education.

Our aim as fitness educators is to:

  • Deliver Quality Fitness Education
  • Provide Exceptional Student Support
  • Produce Industry Leading Fitness Professionals

The Academy of Fitness doesn’t simply claim to be the best in the fitness industry, we have the experience and statistics to back it up.

  • 7000 graduates
  • 92% satisfaction rating in 2018
  • 5% of surveyed industry partners indicated they are happy to employ our  graduates (15% being aligned with other fitness providers)

The Academy of Fitness works with you to ensure that you are successful in your studies.

Why a fitness career?

Have you found yourself watching the clock at work, wishing you could be doing something else? Do you lead a healthy, active lifestyle and want to get paid for doing something you enjoy?

Then a career in health and fitness is for you!

Careers in health and fitness are limited only by where you want it to take you. The Academy has graduate students working in all aspects of the health and fitness industry. From working in gyms, fitness centres, health spas, cruise ships, personal training studios, schools, the great outdoors, etc. Whether you are looking for a part-time job or to establish and run your own business, the Academy’s fitness courses are designed to get you there.

Our fitness educators

Being a PT doesn’t give you the skills to be an educator. It is our choice to use qualified and experienced fitness professionals who are trained to be VET teachers. Why? Because quality fitness education is the core value of our academy.

Our trainers:
  • Currently work in the fitness industry in some capacity. We employ trainers,
    business development managers and group instructors to make sure our content
    reflects current industry practice.
  • All our trainers hold a diverse range of degrees ranging from university to the
    certificates they are delivering. We ensure they have been in your shoes.

We don’t rely on PT’s to judge whether or not you are competent at a skill as they are not familiar with the requirements to determine an individual’s competence from an educational perspective and the elements listed in the national training package for this qualification.

Our graduates recommend us!

The Academy has a fantastic number of referrals from graduates within the industry as they have studied with us and know we deliver industry leading fitness education. When asked the reason our graduates refer their friends, family or colleagues to the Academy is that we did not make them feel like just another number, with fantastic personalised study and payment options.

No sleazy sales techniques.

We don’t need to talk to you on the phone to give you the information you are after. We have learnt in our 16+ years in operation that getting hounded by sales people is not the best impression for someone looking to make the jump in to the fitness industry. We answer your questions on your terms to give you the information you need to make the decision to study an easy one.

Courses designed on current industry practice

We chose not to sensationalise the fitness industry and certainly don’t suggest to students they can become wealthy as a personal trainer in the first few years. Our curriculum provides an honest evaluation of the fitness industry and exposes students to the reasons why some trainers are successful and why others are not. We do the best we can to prepare our student for the reality of working in the personal training and fitness industry and the real world situations that are faced on a day to day basis.

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