Working in an industry which you love, and getting paid for it can sometimes seem too good to be true!

In a world where everyone is so intimately connected through the internet, people want to look and feel good, making fitness a great industry to break into. If you’re interested in making money in fitness, however, you’ll need to get creative. Coaching is arguably one of the most popular and straightforward ways for fitness enthusiasts to make money, but it’s also a highly oversaturated market.

Our approach is to help you build or grow your business from the minute you enrol to get you earning consistent money as fast as possible.

At a Certificate III in Fitness level, you can begin working as a paid gym instructor. 2019 industry data shows the average hourly/class pay rate between $30-$50.

^^ We use PayScale to calculate the above facts + our own business plans.

Gym Instructor


Supervising and leading participants through a series of movements and fitness activities, Fitness Instructors are the key motivator in exercise class delivery, typically in a gym or studio.

You can teach classes while working your current job, studying and juggling your other life commitments. How good!

Even doing 3 classes a week at $30 per class puts an extra $90 in your pocket.

Personal Trainer


The beauty of becoming a personal trainer is you will usually be self-employed, meaning you determine your level of income. It is up to you whether you work part-time or full time, but it is important to build a client base to ensure a long career as a personal trainer.

As a general rule of thumb, we teach our students to value their time on a $ per minute basis building their cost as their client base rises.

30 minute session is $49 and you have 7 clients per week = $343 (for 2.5 hours work)

Group Fitness Business

We want our students to make as much money as possible for a minimal amount of time. We are active in promoting group fitness classes to our students to incorporate in to their business.

Look at the money to be made here.

5 clients, paying $20 per week with an option of 5 different classes. The session time for each class is 45 minutes.

Again you are looking an extra $100 per week in your pocket from 5 hours work.

The potential earning is unreal. We want to build your side hustle to the point you can bring in your expected salary from your fitness business alone.

The real question is how much effort you are going to put in to building it!