Personal training

8 tips you need to become a successful PT

Lets talk about the skills a individual will need to become a successful personal trainer in the fitness industry.

First Impressions

As shallow as it might sound, our appearance and the way we carry ourselves in public plays a huge role in gaining clients. You can’t expect to win over new clients with just your qualifications. Enter the gym with a smile on your face, let potential clients feed off your positive energy.  Be confident but humble when you do engage with the general public.


Master the very basics of fitness and nutrition (how can you train someone if you can’t train yourself). You’re not expected to be the personal trainer equivalent of google, this will take working experience and further education. Never be shy to ask questions or step out of your comfort zone to extend your knowledge.

Young woman with personal trainer in gym

Clients Needs

Being able to train difference clients with different needs will increase your recommendation rate amongst members. Training someone who wants to lose weight the same way as someone looking to gain weight will get you nowhere. Work on your knowledge and be willing to learn all types of training methods.

Work Ethic

Be prepared to put in the hours at the start. Every successful personal trainer has done it.

Practice what you preach

Bluffing your way to success will eventually catch up with you. Having confidence in your own methods and ability will lead to many opportunities. Training regularly yourself and consuming a healthy diet will set a good example to your clients. If you look and act the part you’ll attract potential clients and new opportunities.

A positive mindset is a must if you want to succeed in this profession.


Word of mouth is the most powerful way to gain new clients and opportunities. If you are aiming for a strong client base then you must be trusted.

Comfort zones

Never stand still, have the confidence to take risks.

Enjoy the journey

If you ever feel like you’re not enjoying the hustle, if you’re feeling exhausted – don’t quit! Simply take time away, recharge your batteries and go again. A positive mindset is a must if you want to succeed in this profession. Remember: some clients will rely on you for positive energy, not just your guidance and knowledge.

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Studying the nationally accredited Certificate III & IV in Fitness with the Academy creates a journey for you and your future business, establishing a starting point showing where you are in your business and life. Our courses will show you how to turn your interest in to a side hustle and from there in to a career with unlimited potential. While studying with the Academy, you can set your navigation towards where you want to go and what the ultimate success looks like – creating a vision to drive towards, setting your mission and the values for which you and your business stand for.

Success is different for everyone. However, all success and greatness is underpinned by vision, passion, purpose, strategy and a road map that collaborates with your team to achieve the goals that move your mission and life forward.


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