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Academy of Fitness Personal Training Courses

  • Essentially I wanted to move towards a career that I believed in … The Academy of Fitness has provided me with the skills and knowledge to pursue that career in fitness.

  • From Unfit to Biofit

    Gary Muller believes “we don’t stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”

    Gary’s motivation to change his life came to him one day when having a smoke on his balcony. Whilst he had convinced himself he enjoyed the habit, he had become conscious of the amount he was smoking and the ill affects it was having on his health. He decided to investigate cigarette patches, bought a seven day supply and didn’t look back.

  • A self-employed tradesman, Stephen has been weight training for over 15 years, but has recently switched his focus to triathlons, riding up to 150km, running 20km and swimming 2-5km a week. Earlier this month, he was voted amongst the top 6 finalists for the Men’s Health Man competition for Men’s Health magazine.

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