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Sick of your 9-5? Want to influence change and make a positive difference in people’s lives every single day?

It’s possible to live the dream and achieve the lifestyle business you deserve with the unique training available from the Academy Of Fitness.

Learn more about how you can become a world class personal trainer with our unique, 100% online PT course.

Flexible Online Learning

Flexible Online Learning

Study in your own time, with an easy to use interactive learning platform featuring drag-and-drop and multiple choice questions.

Bite Size Learning Chunks

Learning Chunks

Avoid getting overwhelmed – your course is broken up into small pieces so that you can easily study in between other work or commitments.

Affordable With Payment Plans

Start studying sooner thanks to a range of affordable study packages, and interest-free payment plans available to all students.

Bonus Course Included

Vital knowledge to make yourself a more complete trainer, to help stand out from the crowd & get yourself more clients.

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Study Options

Ultimate Personal Trainer

Sick of your 9-5? Want to influence change and make a positive difference in people’s lives every single day?

It’s possible to live the dream and achieve the lifestyle business you deserve with the unique training available from the Academy Of Fitness.

Learn more about how you can become a world class personal trainer with our unique, 100% online PT course.

Ultimate Personal Trainer
Certificate IV In FItness

Certificate IV In Fitness

This is THE course you need to become a qualified PT, allowing you to train clients one on one, deliver group training sessions, and train younger adults and kids.

You received unparalleled personal support and guidance throughout the entire course, with our instructors available when you need help.

Entry-Level Qualification

Don’t have the time to get through the above courses, but still want to get started in the fitness industry? You can start earning fast and work as a fitness or exercise instructor with our online Certificate III in Fitness.

Don’t delay, get your career started today.

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Unparalleled Support

Studying on your own can be tough.

There’s times when you may be stuck with a question and need some advice, or just want to reach out and chat through a course module with a trainer who has been there and done it all before.

That’s why at the Academy of Fitness, we never leave our students to go it alone.

Sure, the course is 100% online – but that doesn’t stop us from providing real human support at the times you need it most!

At any time during your course, you can reach out to your experienced trainer and get the answers you need. In fact, you will receive support from people who actually work as personal trainers!

So far, we have helped more than 9,000 students through our courses, and we can’t wait for you to be next!

Bonus Short Course

Fundamentals of Nutrition for the Personal Trainer

Learn how to work within your scope of practice as a Fitness Professional and create long term
changes to your client’s nutrition habits.

Learning Outcomes

▪ Discuss the Exercise Professional Scope of Practice for Nutritional Advice and when a fitness Professional Should refer to an allied health professional

▪ The functions of Macronutrients and Micronutrients

▪ Review the 5 Australian Dietary guidelines and how a fitness professional can
influence their clients nutrition behaviour

▪ Foundation and total diets

▪Nutrition Analysis- methods to evaluate a client’s nutrition

▪Discuss the Pyramid of Nutrition Priorities

Foundation of Nutritions

Job Outcomes

Studying with the Academy of Fitness empowers you with virtually unlimited career choices, thanks to our advanced industry-experienced training.

Just a few of the possible career outcomes include:

“Over 9,000 happy students have completed fitness courses with the Academy of Fitness in the last 20 years.

It’s your turn to succeed!”

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Hear From Past students

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our happy students have to say about starting their fitness careers with the Academy of Fitness.

The Academy of Fitness Edge

What is the Academy Of Fitness Edge?

It’s the edge every graduate leaves our college with. The edge that’ll place you above the competition from the very start of your career.

The Academy Of Fitness Edge epitomises our never ending goal to instill in you knowledge, valuable skills, industry secrets, insider tips and extra benefits you’ll be able to offer your clients putting you ahead and giving you an edge over your competition (and graduates of other colleges).

Our constant search for ways to enhance your education and kickstart your career is the reason so many students choose Academy Of Fitness. So enquire now, and experience it for yourself.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Academy has hundreds of industry partners who are constantly looking for fitness professionals to work for them! The Academy advertises positions without our jobs board and will put you in touch with different employers upon request.

The Academy by law cannot guarantee you a job however we endeavour to put our graduates in touch with employers desperate to fill their vacancies!

Course fees can vary depending on the course you choose to study and the mode of delivery. We offer a variety of payment options as well with a deposit of $99 to get you studying that day and payment plans from $17 per week.

It sure is! If you want to work as your own boss and build an active lifestyle then this industry is perfect for you. You are ultimately the decision-maker in terms of how many hours per week you want to work. The Academy of Fitness course material does provide advice on how to make as much money off one hour in a day as possible.

Great question – The Academy of Fitness mentors our students to start with friends and family while networking with businesses to build brand recognition. Our marketing non accredited content provided free of charge in our course materials shows you how to build your social media profiles from scratch to allow it to reach new clients.

To become a personal trainer in Australia you need to hold a Certificate III and IV in Fitness. With the Academy of Fitness our courses are self-paced which means you can take up to 18 months to complete both courses. We do not penalize those who get through the content quicker however so it will come down to how much time you must smash out the course materials.

The Academy of Fitness has no set intakes and you can start anytime! This is perfect for those who want to jump into studies on their own terms and not have to wait for a certain date to begin.

Research by IBIS World indicates that fitness industry revenues in Australia have been steadily growing over the past 5 years. This trend will reach an estimated $2.4 billion value by 2022/23 – a forecasted annual growth of 1.8% (IBISWorld, 2018).

What this means for you is that there is a growing demand for not only personal trainers but fitness professionals which included gym instructors and group exercise instructors.

Passion and desire to see our students not only gain the most current knowledge and skills but to make a change in the industry. The fitness industry is screaming for good graduates and our mission is to raise the standard of fitness professionals, one student at a time.

To study Fitness you must be 16 years of age with parental permission.

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