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In the ever-evolving fitness industry, success requires a blend of passion, dedication, and adaptability founded on a platform of consistency. Steve Halligan owner of wildly successful Halligan’s Fitness, a seasoned fitness professional, epitomises these qualities. Speaking on the Focused Fitpreneur podcast with coachGrazy, Halligan shared his insights on hard work, consistency, and the journey to building a successful fitness business online. His story is not only inspiring but also a testament to the resilience and ingenuity needed to thrive in the competitive world of fitness. 

Steve Halligan’s fitness journey began at a young age, influenced by a personal experience that sparked his passion for training. “Well, I remember when I was 16, my brother-in-law at the time was training, and I saw him change, and I wanted to do that. And so that’s how I initially got into training myself. And then I really fell in love with the idea of being a trainer and helping people,” Halligan recalls. This early inspiration laid the foundation for a career marked by evolution and professional achievements. 

Halligan’s career trajectory is a testament to starting small and gradually building a legacy. He began by working split shifts at a local gym, dedicating himself to both his personal training and helping others achieve their fitness goals. “I used to do six to nine and then four-thirty to eight-thirty on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and then seven till ten and three-thirty to eight-thirty on the other days,” he says. This rigorous schedule underscored his commitment to consistency, a key factor in his success. 

After moving to Brisbane and then to London, Halligan honed his skills and began personal training professionally. His time in London marked a significant milestone, transitioning from informal training sessions with friends to being a paid professional. This evolution continued upon his return to Australia, where he ventured into various roles, including working for a fitness magazine, and eventually starting his personal training business. 

Halligan’s journey wasn’t without challenges. Renting a shop in Broad Beach, an upmarket area of the Gold Coast, he faced the harsh realities of running a fitness studio. “I got in there and just thought that because I had a shop, people were just going to come in. But it didn’t happen like that at all,” he shares. Overcoming the initial struggle, he resorted to proactive measures like delivering flyers and knocking on doors, eventually building a client base, and employing multiple trainers. 

However, escalating overhead costs posed significant challenges. “The rent had gone from $25,000 a year up to $42,000 within a year. It was way too much,” Halligan explains. Faced with unsustainable expenses, he made the tough decision to move his business home, a move that surprisingly kept all his clients and significantly reduced costs. Listen to Steve Halligans Story on the Focused Fitpreneur podcast with coachGrazy 


The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic was a turning point for Halligan. Forced into lockdown early on, he swiftly transitioned to online training to sustain his business. “I went online because I had to keep running my 12-week challenge. I said to everyone, I’m going to go online. We’ll do this for a couple of weeks. It’ll all blow over, and we will go back to training,” Halligan recounts. This shift not only helped him navigate the pandemic but also opened new avenues for growth. 

Partnering with Weight Watchers as an online trainer for Australia and New Zealand, Halligan capitalised on the growing demand for virtual fitness programmes. Over time, he built his own online training platform, serving clients globally. “I’ve had clients for four years online, like clients that I’ve never met face to face that have been training with me for the last four years all over Australia and New Zealand,” he proudly states. This success underscores the potential of online training in expanding reach and reducing geographical constraints. 

Halligan’s approach to fitness is characterised by a blend of consistency, professionalism, and fun. His popular 12-week challenges, which at one point attracted 130 participants, were renowned for their vibrant atmosphere. “I would have bubble machines, lights, and lasers. It was an atmosphere that I created. So, I had people wanting to come along,” he shares. This emphasis on creating an enjoyable and engaging environment contributed significantly to his clients’ success and loyalty. 

Halligan also highlights the importance of finding and serving a niche. “Like I said before, stay consistent. That would be the first thing. I would say, find what your niche is in the industry and stick with that. And really drill down on that,” he advises. His ability to adapt to market trends, from personal training to online programmes, underscores the value of evolution in the fitness industry. He emphasises, “Whatever it is that you think you’re good at, maybe it’s a sport you’ve played, and you’ve done your course, marry them together.” His story is a powerful reminder that success is not just about hard work but also about staying relevant and meeting the changing needs of clients. 

A significant shift in Halligan’s career was his decision to specialise in training women. Inspired by industry peers and recognising a gap in his knowledge, he committed to further education by taking on dancing classes himself. “I decided that I would do three courses to better improve my knowledge of fitness for women. And I have done all of them. I have done four now,” he explains. This dedication to continuous learning and specialisation has not only broadened his ability but also solidified his niche. 

Halligan underscores the importance of this specialisation for all fitness professionals. “If we are going to train women, I think we should know what we are doing with them, and we should care for them and give them the absolute best care we can. So that is what I am going to get known for,” he tells. This focus on providing specialised, knowledgeable care has been instrumental in his continued success and reputation in the fitness industry. 

Steve Halligan’s journey from a young enthusiast inspired by his brother-in-law to a successful online fitness entrepreneur is a testament to the power of hard work, consistency, and adaptability. His story illustrates the challenges and triumphs of building a fitness business, emphasising the importance of starting small, managing overhead costs, and embracing new opportunities. As the fitness industry continues to evolve, Halligan’s insights offer valuable lessons for aspiring fitness professionals aiming to leave their mark and build a legacy. 


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