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Looking for a job where you can be your own boss, determine your own hours, and get paid to have fun on the job? Then maybe a career as a personal trainer is what you’re looking for!

With this entry-level qualification, you’ll be equipped with a broad range of knowledge needed to work as fitness or exercise instructor. You will be able to take your skills and work anywhere in Australia or move into the further study to expand your options.

Our goal is that you gain employment in the fitness industry. As soon as you start studying with us, we will be educating you not just about fitness, but about the fitness industry. Our trainers are all highly experienced fitness professionals and are here to offer their expertise and answer all of your burning questions.

We offer support and care no matter where you are in your studies.

For more than 18 years, the AOF Academy has helped more than 9,000 students study and pass their SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness courses. Our friendly team of academic, student support and professional staff will be with you every step of your fitness studies journey. We have a long history of working in this field and continue to expand our expertise through continuing education.

Academy of Fitness offers students a range of customer support services that include telephone, e-mail and instant messaging help.

Our Certificate III in Fitness course can be tailored to meet your needs.

Academy of Fitness is responsive to the needs of the modern world and busy professionals with families, careers, commitments and demands of everyday life; our courses are flexible.

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Our course allows students to specialize in two separate fields.

Gym Instructor

Individuals who specialise in Gym Instruction provide individually tailored client assessments, provide technique correction as needed, and develop and demonstrate fitness programs. They also provide supervision of a facility or service, keep equipment clean, tidy and well maintained, and handle various customer inquiries.

Group Exercise Instructor

Individuals who specialise in Group Exercise Fitness Instruction deliver exercise sessions designed for participation by a group of clients with a mix of ages/fitness levels. Sessions may be freestyle, pre-choreographed or circuit style. These individuals instruct and demonstrate complete exercise sessions to groups with limited individual interaction.

Career Opportunities

Fitness Instructors work with people to support their physical wellbeing and improve their fitness. They usually instruct groups and classes. They work in fitness centres, studios, gyms, physical rehabilitation centres and often work on a casual or part-time basis, servicing more than one provider and set of clients.

This course is an essential minimum requirement to work at a gym or as a group exercise instructor. You will learn the basic knowledge needed to succeed in areas like fitness program instruction, provision of healthy eating information, and introduction of exercise for older clients.

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Standalone SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness

Become a dual specialised gym instructor.

A SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness is your entry level on campus and online fitness course to get into the Fitness Industry. It will give you the opportunity to become a Gym Instructor.

Ready to start your career in the fitness industry?