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Become the best Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Instructor you can be with our industry leading Ultimate Personal Trainer Package.

The Academy of Fitness Tuition Subsidy Program consists of:

  • SIS30321 – Certificate III in Fitness
  • SIS40221 – Certificate IV in Fitness
  • PT Success Program Mobilise Edition (FREE) (valued at $500)
  • Foundations of Nutrition Short Course (FREE) (valued at $500)

Be your own boss

As a fitness professional, you can work your own hours, be your own boss and build a career that fits your lifestyle.

Rewarding Career

You can work in an industry that you are passionate about and turn it into a career pathway. Helping clients achieve their wellness goals is incredibly fulfilling.

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Future Job Growth

Future growth in the fitness industry is very strong over the next 5 years (www.joboutlook.gov.au). Not only can you start your own business, but you will also better yourself in the process.

Become a Change Maker

Become a change-maker in the fitness industry and everyday life with our industry-leading online program which gives you the ultimate flexibility to study in the comfort of your own home.

Do Something You Love

Help yourself. Help your friends and family. Build a side hustle. Change career. Do something you love!

Elly C

They weren’t trying to sell it to me. They were understanding my lifestyle, where I was at…I can do it in my spare time. I can do it whenever I want. The practical- love it. They respond so quickly, calling, emailing- I would recommend it just because it’s a good education for yourself, it’s not just for teaching other people.

Jacki M

I phoned a few different training providers and once I’d spoken with the team at AOF, I just felt a really great connection with them, really lovely people. They had fitness studies themselves, so they could really offer us some great industry insights into how we could really provide a great service… They could provide training that went above and beyond just the basic stuff.

Ashleigh K

With ease, I found the Academy of Fitness. I love the flexibility- I have a one-year-old daughter and having the option to choose where I want to study and when I actually have the time to study definitely helps. I also love that the course challenges me online as well as the practical assessments, so it’s not all just theory, it’s practical and you have to get involved with the community.


So, without education in any kind of career, you can’t really expand. So I found that obviously that groundwork of a cert 3 and 4 does give you that foundation of knowledge to then leapfrog further into whatever you want to do in the fitness industry.

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Personal Trainer

Study Fitness Online With The Academy Of Fitness

Our online learning is specifically designed for busy working adults, so it’s delivered 100% online with interactive, ‘snackable’ content. Academy of Fitness study options offer genuine flexibility, industry insights, practical skills and the support you need to achieve your career goals.

At AOF, you’ll have access to our student learning portal, which is a complete digital resource that grants you flexibility plus all the resources you need at your fingertips.

The student learning portal provides:

    • subject learning material
    • resources including study guides, videos, and more
    • a variety of engaging learning activities
    • assessment templates and style guides
    • additional learning materials if you wish to advance your learning
    • bonus business content including marketing and social media
    • assessment tips and guides
    • and more.

Why study at the moment?

To make positive use during this difficult time we have been advocating for people to learn more about health and fitness. By learning these skills now they can be transferred at completion into a second income and you will be able to provide qualified advice to your immediate families, friends and community. Studying fitness is also a positive way to invest your time.

Our latest set of student feedback tells us the following:

  • 55% of our cohort either work full time or study full time.
  • 45% of our cohort had secured an employment opportunity in the industry prior to graduating (mostly in group exercise studios).
  • 95% reported that they enjoyed the flexibility that online learning provided them as they were able to study while maintaining their life commitments.
  • 35% of our cohort studied fitness for personal development.
  • Out of the 35%, 20% have decided to use the qualifications to develop a side hustle.

personal trainer

Don’t pay for unnecessary certificates

We offer the PT Success Program for FREE when you enrol in the Ultimate package. Don’t pay for unnecessary diploma’s to learn how to set up your business.

Trusted provider

The Academy of Fitness was established as an RTO in 2001. We have been around for as long as the first release of the Apple Ipod. We are a reputable, experienced provider of fitness in the industry.

Study fitness online

Don’t pay more for tutorial support. Our inclusive course fees include an option to phone a tutor if you have issues with your assessments. Our platform is interactive and supportive due to years of critique and continuous improvement.

Peace of mind

Online study doesn’t mean isolation. You will have an experienced support team behind you during your studies with us. We cap our student cohort to ensure we can service all students to a high quality.

Are you ready to start your new career?

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