How to Become a Personal Trainer

This free course guide kit contains information about Certificate III in Fitness (SIS30321), Certificate IV in Fitness (SIS40221), and many other courses offered by Australia’s industry-leading fitness educator since 2001.

Join 16,429+ graduates who have turned their passion for fitness into a fulfilling career as qualified personal trainers.

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Why a Fitness Career?

Be your own boss for one thing!

Careers in health and fitness are limited only by your imagination.

Whether you’re aspiring to operate your own full-time PT business, seeking to supplement your income, or merely wishing to acquire invaluable knowledge and skills, the Academy’s fitness courses are designed to open doors to a variety of exciting career opportunities.
Our graduate students work in all aspects of the health and fitness industry, from gyms, fitness centers, health spas, personal training studios, and schools, to cruise ships and the great outdoors.

Our alumni are successful physiotherapists, dieticians, sports coaches, gym managers, and even wellness influencers.

The sky’s the limit!

Why the Academy of Fitness?

The Academy of Fitness (the Academy) is the leading choice for personal trainers in Australia.We offer a variety of training options that are tailored to suit your individual needs.

The student is the heart and soul of our focus. We not only provide the training to become a fitness professional, but we also help you transition from training to a career in the fitness industry.

We choose not to sensationalise the fitness industry.
Our curriculum provides an honest evaluation of the fitness industry and exposes students to the reasons why some trainers are successful and why others are not.


Australia’s top choice for personal trainers


20+ years of experience


16,429+ graduates


97% client satisfaction rate


100% online training for busy professionals


“When I called, they were just understanding.

They were genuine, they weren’t trying to sell it to me. They were understanding my lifestyle, where I was at. So I went with the Academy of Fitness. I can do it in my spare time.

I can do it whenever I want… I would recommend it just because it’s a good education for yourself, not just for teaching other people.”

Elly, Qualified
Personal Trainer

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Jacki M

I phoned a few different training providers and once I’d spoken with the team at AOF, I just felt a really great connection with them, really lovely people. They had fitness studies themselves, so they could really offer us some great industry insights into how we could really provide a great service… They could provide training that went above and beyond just the basic stuff.



Ashleigh K

With ease, I found the Academy of Fitness. I love the flexibility- I have a one-year-old daughter and having the option to choose where I want to study definitely helps. I also love that the course challenges me online as well as the practical assessments si it’s not all just theory, it’s practical and you have to get involved with community,


steve kaps


So, without education in any kind of career, you can’t really expand. So I found that obviously that groundwork of a cert 3 and 4 does give you that foundation of knowledge to then leapfrog further into whatever you want to do in the fitness industry.


Looking to become your own boss and discover a rewarding career in personal training or group fitness instruction?

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