The top 3 Fitness Apps for your smartphone – and they’re FREE!

Turn your smartphone into a personal trainer! 


Runkeeper is a tracking system which anyone from the advanced athlete to the weekend warrior can use to record their progress! Whether walking, bushwalking, running or cycling, the Runkeeper application uses GPS technology to track your route and speed, so you keep up to date with the progress of your training minute by minute!


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 GymGoal is an application designed to teach you the ABC’s of strength and resistance training. With over 280 exercises and 52 workout routines, you are sure to challenge yourself whether a beginner or an experienced trainer! App includes animations and written instructions of how to perform each exercise safely, with progressions available.


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Fooducate is your library for everything nutrition! With a product register in the hundreds of thousands, you can almost guarantee that any foods you are considering consuming can be found within this applications register of foods. Fooducate will break down the products ingredients into calories, kilojoules, fat, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. There is even a barcode scanner to save you time entering the details!

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