Pivoting Your Fitness Business Online

Keeping up with the game is the first step to success. If you own a fitness business, or are just starting up in today’s market, setting up long-term online business operations NOW is essential. It is well known that the fitness industry has pivoted over the years, particularly throughout the movement of social media and influencer monetization. The online market of training and fitness platforms has seen a huge increase as COVID-19 forced gyms to close and people to stay indoors with additional time on their hands. So, a newfound understanding of a modernized fitness market and no looming end date to the global pandemic- where to from here?

Here are a few tips for online fitness business essentials, and some pointers for how to stand out from the crowd. Remember that your overall profitability and reach will also be dependent on your marketing skills, social media efforts, and your organic reach. Some examples of bringing your fitness business online include:

Group streaming sessions

Group lives sessions are a great way to engage multiple members during peak hours, and to ensure a sense of community, particularly for individuals who are isolated or missing the gym. Some of the common platforms used for group training online include Zoom, skype, and live Instagram feeds.

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Our tips:

  • Free zoom calls have a cut off of 40 minutes- so time your lesson in advance,
  • Try to choose a free hosting platform so that all clients have access,
  • Choose session times similar to what you may have in-person to suit existing members,
  • Be sure to send automated reminders to attendees prior to classes,
  • Set up an online booking system, where all classes are structured similarly to what they would be offline- this prevents classes from becoming too large so that you can still tailor to each client.

One-on-one Live Sessions

Your clients choose individualised workouts for a reason- so it is essential that these sessions are run with similar personalisation to those in-person. The one-on-one sessions can also be a selling point for your business if you do have spare time on your hands- so marketing this correctly can create appeal for individuals with different schedules, who can’t make prime time group sessions.

If you own a fitness business, or are just starting up in today’s market, setting up long-term online business operations NOW is essential.

Our tips:

  • For accurate advice on posture and form, only refer exercises that can be safely performed without a spotter, and make sure that exercises are clearly seen in the video frame,
  • Consider your clients technical and physical resources (equipment) before starting the session.

Pre-filmed Sessions

Pre-filmed sessions are an easy online upload and can even be sent via email or message for easy access at any time. One issue with pre-filmed workouts (which are a one-size-fits-all) is the sheer volume of pre-existing competition.

Our tips:

  • Your best bet for offering this service online is to market your professional training status (that you are qualified to offer this service). The market is filled with online influencers and social media figures who offer this service for free. You need potential clients to understand that you charge a fee for your standards, qualifications, and professional experience,
  • Pre-filmed workouts can be marketed with cheaper pricing because they are more generalised workouts (this may appeal to those who are struggling financially). If you are trying to gain traction, you can also offer these as free trials to give potential clients a sense of your value.
Sporty young woman doing hypopressive exercises following online gym classes via laptop at home.

Create an App

A common misconception is that apps are only created by large-scale businesses and fitness influencers. In reality, simple apps can be designed to fit almost all business requirements- and if you are looking to expand, this may be a great niche to look into. Having a one-stop platform for your clients, with additional resources and add-ons, can be a great selling point. Sometimes investing a little extra can help you earn more in the bigger picture!

Our tips:

  • If you can afford to, acquire a professional for your app creation,
  • Ensure that your app is easy to use for all demographics.


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