If you’re reading this right now, we’re guessing it’s because you’re thinking about getting your Certificate IV in Fitness to become a personal trainer! Fantastic. You’ve come to the right place because (if you hadn’t already guessed) we are OBSESSED with fitness here at Academy of Fitness. If you want to know how it all works, keep reading!

You probably already know most of this, but just to be sure, here are a list of reasons why fitness careers are the best:

  • You can be a personal trainer no matter how young or old you are
  • You can be a personal trainer anywhere in the world
  • You can ditch the need to sit & stare at a computer all day
  • You get paid to be fit & healthy
  • It’s full of challenges & variety – never boring
  • You can be the boss and set your own hours
  • You have the potential to earn fantastic money
  • You have the opportunity to change people’s lives on a daily basis

But did you also know that the Sports, Fitness & Recreation (SFR) Industry is growing at a fantastic rate, meaning that the demand for personal trainers (and fitness professionals) is increasing by the day? Yup, it’s true! The SFR Industry is actually predicted to be the 17th largest employment sector in Australia, so you’ve picked an awesome time to get your fitness qualifications!

What can I do with a Certificate IV in Fitness?

Your Certificate IV in Fitness will take your career to the next level. As well as being a qualified Gym Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor, you will officially be able to call yourself a Personal Trainer! Whether you want to work for a larger gym, have a mobile business or even set up your own PT studio, once you’ve graduated and registered with Fitness Australia, the world is your oyster!


Building on the fundamentals you learnt during your Certificate III in Fitness, you can also expect to learn about:

  • Health Screening & Fitness Assessments
  • Motivational Psychology (not everyone likes a drill sergeant!)
  • Athletic Strength & Conditioning
  • Business Operations & Marketing (SO important!)
  • Movement Analysis
  • Exercise Program Design & Instruction
  • Exercise Science, Nutrition & so much more!


Are there any prerequisites for the Certificate IV in Fitness?

To enrol in a Certificate IV in Fitness at Academy of Fitness, you’ll need to have already completed your Certificate III in Fitness and hold current Senior First Aid & CPR certificates. If you don’t already have those things, no worries, that’s what we’re here for – just give us a call and we’ll get you on your way!

We pride ourselves in offering affordable fitness courses with insanely flexible study options which means that as long as you’re ready and raring to study fitness, we will do everything we can to make that happen. At Academy of Fitness, “too young”, “too old” or “too busy” are just excuses getting in the way of achieving your goals… so we’ve come up with a way to get around all of them. If you have any doubts on whether you’ve got what it takes, please give us a call (or email, or instant chat, or Facebook message or SMS… we’re not fussy!) so we can put your mind at ease.

How long will it take to complete the Certificate IV in Fitness?

That’s the best part – it’s completely up to you! Our fitness courses can be completed 100% online, giving you the flexibility you need to fit study around your work and life commitments (we know it’s a challenge!) OR at our awesome face-to-face on-campus workshops held at the Academy of Fitness purpose built training facilities in Coorparoo. Choose full time or part time, online, in-person or a mix of the above – whatever works best for YOU.


To avoid any unnecessary study related panic attacks or nervous breakdowns, we created a state-of-the-art learning platform to provide you with:

  • Full access to ongoing tutor support
  • Communication with your classmates
  • Detailed step-by-step study guides
  • Comprehensive assessment information
  • Student support throughout the course
  • Access to course materials via desktop computers, iPads, iPhones & Android smartphones
  • Multimodal assessments & easy online submission


If you choose to complete the Certificate IV in Fitness with our face-to-face study option, you’ll be able to attend our awesome theory and practical workshops at the exclusive Academy of Fitness training facilities PLUS have full access to our Online Learning Platform for support and guidance as you complete your fitness course… in other words, you get the best of both worlds!

Once I graduate what will I be able to do with my fitness qualification?

Role: Personal Trainer

In a nutshell: Personal trainers typically work independently, either inside a gym, outdoors or at client’s homes or workplaces. Qualified PT’s can offer one-on-one training, small group fitness sessions, program writing & development, client assessment, exercise demonstration, plus monitoring & session supervision. More experienced personal trainers can also manage teams within fitness facilities.

Minimum Qualification: Certificate 4 in Fitness + Senior First Aid & CPR.

What happens after I graduate & how do I find a job as a personal trainer?

At Academy of Fitness, it’s not enough for us just to see you graduate. We’re not satisfied until we see you gain employment in the fitness industry. As soon as you enrol in one of our fitness courses, we will be educating you about the fitness industry as a whole – not just the part where you train clients. The Academy of Fitness trainers are all highly qualified & experienced fitness professionals and are here to answer all of your burning questions and offer their expertise in any way they can.


Academy of Fitness is also very excited to offer the following resources for fitness graduates:

Academy of Fitness Jobs Board for an up-to-date list of vacancies in the fitness industry throughout Australia (just choose your location & click on any jobs of interest!)

Academy of Fitness Optional Work Experience Placements held regularly with our awesome fitness partners – designed to further educate & bridge the gap for our job-seeking graduates.

Why should I choose Academy of Fitness?

We’re glad you asked! Here are just a handful of reasons:

Being fitness professional themselves, every single person that works at Academy of Fitness eats, sleeps & breathes fitness… hence our motto “Live It. Learn it. Love it.” — we lead by example!

We don’t waste money on overpriced TV advertising or famous brand ambassadors. Why? Because then we’d have to increase the price of our courses and we don’t want to do that! We love that our fitness qualifications are affordable and available to EVERYONE.

We don’t up-sell expensive “add-on” courses which get you stuck in nasty VET Fee debt. We disagree with this completely and will never do that to our amazing students. We’ll provide the exact qualifications you’ll need to get started in the industry and nothing more. If you want to branch out or find a specialty down the track, that is something you should consider carefully and isn’t a decision to be rushed.

We’re super flexible here… olympic gymnast flexible! From the wide-range of study options to payment options, we’re both budget friendly AND time friendly! Not convinced? Call us today.

Aren’t fitness courses crazy expensive?

One of our missions at Academy of Fitness is keep our prices competitive and affordable so that absolutely anyone can pursue a career in fitness. If our pricing wasn’t impressive enough already, we also offer payment plans so you can easily work the cost of your fitness course into your budget! If you want to know more about this, the best thing to do is call one of our friendly career advisors on 1300 650 198.







For more information on the Certificate IV in Fitness and the other Personal Training courses we offer at the Academy of Fitness, contact a Course Advisor for an obligation free chat now:



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