Fitness. Live it. Learn it. Love it.

At Academy of Fitness we’re all about flexibility and affordability, which means that as long as you’re super keen to study fitness, we will do our best to make that happen. Establish yourself in fitness with this entry-level qualification. You’ll be equipped with a broad range of knowledge needed to work as a fitness or exercise instructor.

At A Glance

Looking for a career in fitness where you can be your own boss, choose your hours and get paid to have fun on the job? The fitness industry is growing rapidly and needs more qualified personal trainers (PT). Our Certificate III in Fitness course will prepare you for entry into the Certificate IV in Fitness.

Successfully completing this course will allow you to seek employment as a qualified exercise instructor.

You will be able to take your skills and work anywhere in Australia, or move into further study to expand your options.

Studying a Certificate III in Fitness is also perfect for those wanting to expand their knowledge for self development. We have found a growing number of students who are studying to have the knowledge of a personal trainer so that they can help themselves or their family.

At Academy of Fitness, our goal isn’t simply to see you graduate, but to see you gain employment in the fitness industry. As soon as you commence your studies with us, we will be educating you not just about fitness, but about the fitness industry itself. Our trainers are all highly experienced fitness professionals and are here to offer their expertise and answer all of your burning questions.


Career Opportunities

Fitness Instructors work with people to support their physical wellbeing and improve their fitness. They usually instruct groups and classes. They work in fitness centres, studios, gyms, physical rehabilitation centres and often work on a casual or part time basis, servicing more than one provider and set of clients.

This course is an essential minimum requirement to work at a gym or as a group exercise instructor. You will learn the basic knowledge needed to succeed in areas like fitness program instruction, provision of healthy eating information, and introduction of exercise for older clients.

Self Development

Do you have an interest in fitness or health and want to expand your own knowledge? A Certificate III in Fitness is PERFECT for those wanting to gain the knowledge to apply to their own lives.

We have found a growing number of students simply complete the course because they are wanting to take their own knowledge to another level to help themselves instead of a career.


Who is eligible to enrol in the Certificate III in Fitness?

Everyone. There are no prerequisites for this fitness course, so if you want start learning today, there is nothing stopping you!

We don’t believe in “too young”, “too old” or “too busy”… we just want you to reach your potential as a fitness professional. If you’re still unsure about whether it’s doable, please just give us a call so we can put your mind at ease. We promise we don’t bite!


Enrolment Process

  • Complete the online enrolment form and take the first step toward changing your life.

  • You will receive a confirmation call from our friendly staff to verify the details of your enrolment.

  • You will receive an email providing all of your login details to begin studying straight away.

  • Get studying!