Academy of Fitness Blog
Ben, 2012 London Paralympics Gold Medallist

Gold Medal student!

Olympic glory was realized this year for the Academy of Fitness’ own Ben Newton. Ben, 24, was selected to represent […]

Overcoming Training Plateau Points

Busting Training Plateaus!

Are you in an exercise rut, and have your results slowed down or stopped completely? What is happening and how […]

Australia's Health and Fitness Industry

Hot off the press – latest report finds the Australian fitness industry is booming!

The fitness industry is booming! Check out the latest snapshot into the fitness industry from the Australian Fitness Industry Report […]

Summer Workouts for Health

10 hot tips for a hot body this summer!

So it’s that time of year again. Everybody has shed their winter woollies and making that commitment again to get […]

Sports Supplements Banned in Australia

Australia bans popular workout stimulant!

Jack3D and all products containing the ingredient DMAA have been banned in Australia due to the adverse health effects associated […]

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