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8 tips you need to become a successful PT

Lets talk about the skills a individual will need to become a successful personal trainer in the fitness industry. First […]

How you can drive word of mouth to increase your fitness business

ATTRACT MORE BUSINESS Big businesses often allocate large chunks of money to their marketing budgets, but for smaller players, word […]

What does it mean to Fast Track my fitness career & how do I do it?

If you’ve been doing your research on fitness courses, there’s a good chance you will have come across the term […]

Is there a secret to earning more in the fitness industry?

It’s the million dollar question that every budding personal trainer is sure to ask. “How much can I earn as […]

I Know a Lot About Fitness… But How Do I Become a Personal Trainer?

The 3 Minute Guide To Becoming A Fitness Professional ✓ Spending most of your time in the gym. ✓ Wearing […]

Okay, I’m a personal trainer… now what can I do with my clients?

The personal trainer’s cheat sheet for client training guidelines The fitness industry can be a bit of a jungle, especially […]

Over Training and Fatigue

Are your Clients over-training?

It is well documented that regular exercise plays a crucial role in maintaining good health and preventing chronic disease. While […]

Fitness Career Expo

Free Fitness Career Expo; It’s a Wrap!

On October 24 the Academy held its annual Fitness Career Expo which attracted much interest from current students and prospective […]

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